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  •   Anti-roll 3 Tier Trimmer Rack (for Enclosed Trailers)
Anti-roll 3 Tier Trimmer Rack (for Enclosed Trailers)

Anti-roll 3 Tier Trimmer Rack (for Enclosed Trailers)

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Our "anti-roll" trimmer racks are the newest addition to our line of trailer accessories. Unlike others, this trimmer rack is designed to "hold" your trimmer secure and correct.

This is a trimmer rack that truly keeps your trimmers from rolling around and bouncing while in the rack. Like all of our accessories they do not have to have a bungee cord attached to carry out their function.

They have an adjustable round cuff that cradles all sizes of shafts of trimmers, pole saws, or other pole/shaft type equipment. Our patented anti-roll holder prevents the trimmer from rolling around and ensures a snug and secure fit while in transport.

What this means for you is maximum protection of expensive equipment, no more fuel leaks from an upside down trimmer, and an outstanding appearance of your equipment trailer. In addition, they can be locked to prevent theft with long shank pad locks (not included).

They are built to last under the most rigorous commercial use conditions, but we do not include hardware with this model due to various mounting applications

A one year warranty is included.

All racks are gloss black. Red paint is for showing clarity. If you want them in red you must request it with your order.

Item Number: O3PETR