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BX 2370  I  Part# 02BXB
BX 2370  I  Part# 02BXB
BX 2370  I  Part# 02BXB

BX 2370 I Part# 02BXB

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Grill Guard with Receiver Hitch for BX Tractors


This is an awesome front grill guard with a built in 2" receiver hitch for the Kubota BX Series Subcompact Tractors.


This grill guard is built heavy duty and with this grill guard / hitch combo you can open up a whole new world of possibilities with your Kubota tractor.


With this guard you can insert a standard ball hitch in the receiver and move your boat around or hook or a chain to the provided 5/16 hook and do some heavy pulling. Whatever your need this front grill guard / hitch is ready to help you work, provide protection, and give your tractor a slick look and it has a built in D-ring to anchor tractor for transport.


It fits all BX series tractors from the BX1500 to the BX2660 and the BX24 and BX25 Tractors and comes with a mounting hardware package. It also works with tractors that have a front end loader as it does not interfere with front loader use when the hitch is empty.

NOTE: This guard does not fit BX Tractors that need  a folding grill guard in order to open the tractor hood. If your entire hood and engine sides fold forward please see out other guards.


This is a well built working attachment for your BX Tractor and it is priced well below the factory guard, plus it has the built in hitch attachment. The guards are available in silver (01BXB) or painted in new Kubota orange  (02BXB).


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