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Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard
Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard
Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard
Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard
Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard
Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard

Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard

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Kubota BX 23 Grill Guard by FabWorks O.E.M.


Guard Replaces Kubota Factory Part Number  7J626-57906

This grill guard is designed to fit Kubota BX tractor models 23S, up to all current new models that require the guard to tilt forward so the tractor's hood can be opened.

This guard surpasses the light, thin, weak, factory guard that comes on the the BX tractor as standard kubota equipment.

If your factory "fold out center" guard has not failed you yet, it most likely soon will. The factory standard guard offers little real protection to the BX tractor due to it's materials and design.

Common Problems With The Factory Guard

First of all, the folding centerplate of the factory guard is approximately 1/16" - 3/32" thick and is held in place with a small pressure clip on each side. This has plagued and disappointed many BX owners for years as it can come undone accidentally and get crushed in the loader. In addition, the thin metal it is made from does not hold up well against the strong power and abilities of the BX Tractor.

What Our BX Grill Guard Can Offer

First of all, this guard is built heavy, and 100% welded in all joints, and weighs in at almost 30 LBS! In contrast to the "standard factory" guard that has a thin folding center plate, our whole guard folds forward to allow the tractor's hood to open. And when the hood is closed, our guard has two 1/2" pins that secure the guard in it's upright position, not two small pressure clips that can fail.

Our center plate on the guard is 3/16" thick plate that is 100% welded on the front and back to the 1/4" side bars that are the outer sides of the guard. This makes incredibly strong framework in this guard, and provides the best protection you can get for your BX.
This BX Grill Guard also comes with a built in Class 3 Trailer Hitch that has a welded on 5/16 chain hook on top of the hitch, and 1/2" thick tie down loop on the bottom of the hitch.
The front mount trailer hitch can open up many new abilities and duties for your BX, like moving your boat, trailers, and other items around. And you can use the welded on chain hook for some heavy pulling.

This grill guard comes with mounting hardware and is powder coated in Orange, or Silver Vein (similar to a hammered finish that is silver and black). You can get either model in either color by ordering by the listed item number.

This is a heavy duty guard that offers ultimate protection, options, and great looks to your BX Tractor!

BX23S |  Part# 06BXB / 05BXB This Guard Replaces Kubota Factory Part Number 7J626-57906