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  •   Stihl "Classic" BR Series Blower Enclosed Trailer Rack
Stihl "Classic" BR Series Blower Enclosed Trailer Rack

Stihl "Classic" BR Series Blower Enclosed Trailer Rack

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This blower rack is for enclosed trailers and is specifically designed for the Stihl BR Series Backpack Blowers. The rack will hold The BR 320, BR 340, BR 380 D, BR 400, BR 420, and BR 420 D Series Backpack Blowers. It is designed for a quick mount and dismount of your blower. Since it is specifically designed For the Stihl BR series it provides a correct and secure fit for your Stihl backpack blower. It does not require a bungee cord for use, it works perfectly as pictured providing a no hassle operation. It can be mounted anywhere you choose to the interior wall of your trailer. Even though it is designed for an enclosed trailer, this rack can also be locked for added security (lock not included). When the blower is in the rack the blower tube rests on the bottom bracket of the rack between the trailer wall and the rack itself keeping the tube up and out of your way, much like the same way on the racks we offer for open trailers. Due to the different materials that enclosed trailers are constructed of we will leave the choice of mounting hardware up to the buyer. However, this rack comes with a retaining pin and a one year warranty.