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Water Cooler Enclosed Trailer Rack

Water Cooler Enclosed Trailer Rack

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Like our other products, our water cooler racks are designed to fit your equipment correctly. With this water cooler rack designed for enclosed trailers, organizing your water cooler has never been easier.

This rack works with most five gallon coolers. The design of this rack allows you to just mount it to the interior wall of your trailer about anywhere that is right for you, it doesn't have to hang from the top of your wall like most designs.

In addition, this is the only water cooler rack on the market that truly has a just drop it in and go ability and does not require a bungee cord or strap of any kind. It holds your cooler secure and correct and allows an easy mount and dismount or your cooler.

Due to the different materials enclosed trailers are constructed of we leave the choice of mounting hardware up to the buyer and it will not be included with the rack.

However, it does have a one year warranty. This rack works great any where you need cold water on hand.

Item Number: 05EWCR